Dear Readers,

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally created a blog. I have been writing for years, but I’ve decided to put my thoughts and reflections into a blog format to make it easier for those of you who follow my posts at Patchwork Faith Ministries.

For those of you that have been praying for something or someone for as “long as you can remember”, my advice to you is, “Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep the faith. Don’t stop believing. Don’t stop praying. Don’t stop asking God to intervene. Don’t stop short of your miracle manifested.”

For 25+ years, I prayed that my brother would stop abusing alcohol. I threw prayers up to Heaven much like a thundercloud throws down rain. Sometimes fast and furious–other times, slow and gentle. Intervention never came. His drinking got worse over the years. His health deteriorated . . . and I wondered if God was even listening.

And then it happened. All those prayers piled up in Heaven–their weight finally shifting the Supernatural Realm, releasing Heaven’s mercy and grace–raining down upon my brother like fresh water on thirsty ground. He entered treatment two weeks ago and he is flourishing. I am witnessing a miraculous change in his thought processing and his behavior.

My brother is a very private person, so I have refrained from putting this out on Facebook or on our ministry prayer page. But with his permission, I am now asking that you, too, add him to your prayers. Addiction is a beastly disease. Like other diseases, it comes to kill, steal, and destroy. But Jesus has come that we might have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY.

We are seated in Heavenly realms where all disease, destruction, conflict, and evil is beneath us. We have been given power as Christ’s disciples. Through prayer, we can BEAT down the evil attempts of the devil to destroy our lives.

Have you been praying for someone or something for so long that you have begun to give up hope? Well, don’t. Hold on to HOPE with both hands, knowing that God is in control. Claim healing. Pray against disease. Rely on HIS strength to get you through “the wait”. After all, Abraham waited a very long time.

Love, peace, & God’s blessings,



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  1. I’ve agreed and prayed that your brother will be completely set free and at PEACE. In Jesus Beautifully Wonderful and Awesomely Powerful Name.

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