Pokémon Go

Disclaimer: I have not played Pokémon Go.

OK, having said this, I have to respond to something I heard on television this morning. A twenty-something woman said, “Parents should be happy. This video game is getting kids outside again!”

Yeah, I may not be a kid anymore; but I remember my childhood. I went outside . . . A LOT! Why, you ask? Let me count the many reasons:

  1. My parents told me to.
  2. The sun was shining.
  3. The sun wasn’t shining.
  4. I had a fort waiting for me.
  5. No television during the day meant “no television during the day”.
  6. I wanted to ride my bike with the awesome banana seat and fringe handlebars.
  7. My cousins were waiting for me to play “cops and robbers”.
  8. There were sticks to race down the stream.
  9. I had mud pies to bake.
  10. I had to check my “pretend” mailbox to see if any notes had been left for me.
  11. There were meals to be made out of berries.
  12. We girls needed to spy on the boys as they built their tree house.
  13. I had an imagination that needed to be explored.
  14. If I stayed in the house, I would be given a list of chores to complete.
  15. I loved the feeling of the wind upon my sun-kissed face.
  16. There were scavenger hunts to participate in.
  17. Lunch was in a sack, lovingly prepared by my mom so I could “eat on the run”. Who wanted to take time out to “come in” for lunch?
  18. I wanted to walk in the woods with my friends.
  19. Our dogs wanted to play
  20. And did I mention, my parents told me to??

So I am sorry, beautiful Miss Twenty-something, I am not thankful that there is another video craze. I am not thankful that it is causing accidents and sending people by the mobs to roam through otherwise peaceful cemeteries. I am not thankful that children and grandchildren have their faces glued to another screen. Why, you ask? Because although they may actually have made their way outside, they will miss everything beautiful that was intended for their outside play. They will miss out on making amazing memories of value.


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