Forever Changed!

I just returned from my annual ministry trip to Voice of the Apostles. Each year, I return with a renewed energy for my job as a prayer minister and a deeper love for my Creator. I follow Generals of the Kingdom like Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Will Hart, Todd White, Rodney Hogue, Pete Cabrera, Jr., Jamie Galloway, Heidi Baker, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Reinhard Bonnke, and a handful of others. I see God using them to bring freedom to the captives and I yearn to do the same. Not to “be them”, mind you–but to be used by God like them.

This year, I was introduced to the bigness of the Holy Spirit and the reality of the Heavenly Supernatural realm in an overwhelming, life changing way! God became even bigger for me–as if that was possible! I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit engulf my entire physical being. I shook. I wept. I glorified His presence. I worshipped Him. I dreamed prophetic dreams and found answers I had been searching for.

There is much too much to share in this blog, but I will share one story with you. In the middle of the week, I prayed for a woman who was a complete stranger to me. In fact, I started out praying with her husband. He is the one I thought needed a “word from the Lord”. But God had so much more in store!

After praying for the man, his wife thanked me and shook my hand. It was then that I felt the Holy Spirit start to download information to me about her and her past. With each Holy Spirit guided statement or question, her eyes grew bigger. She, too, knew this was a life changing moment. She was being introduced to God in a new way. She was realizing that God KNEW her intimately and cared for her. And God was taking the time to talk to HER–through a complete stranger.

“Did you lose a child? Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you have a nephew who has walked away from the Lord? Is he in trouble with the law? Have you been mothering many young teens? Are you living in constant fear since the loss of your child many years ago?”

Folks, I  have no “special powers”. I am not clairvoyant. I am not a fortune teller and I don’t read minds. As Randy Clark would say, “I am just a ‘lil ole me’ waiting and willing to be used by my Creator.”

So let me give you a little warning. When you tell God you are willing to be used, when you push in for more, when you beg to be just the little donkey that Jesus rides in on . . . get ready! You might as well get down on all fours, flick your ears, and swing your tail a bit. Because God WILL give you the opportunity to be obedient. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by.

About 5 years ago, I begin to learn that God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are much more available to me than I had ever known. I began to dig deep and truly “show up” for Him. I began to realize that the very same power that raised Lazarus from the dead was living and breathing within me. I have the DNA of Christ pulsing through my body and our earth desperately needs to be touched by Jesus. We are to bring Heaven to earth. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are, to not only believe in miracles, but set these miracles in motion. God uses US to bring change, to bring healing, and to set the captives free.

So back to my story about the woman. I will call her “Susan”. When I mentioned the fact that she was living under a spirit of fear, her body went taut. She tensed up every muscle and closed her eyes. Her eyelids began to flutter at a rapid pace and she suddenly threw her body into a backwards L–no kidding! I don’t think I could duplicate this move if I tried! She stopped answering my questions and I realized we were on the verge of a full fledge deliverance.

I began to speak directly into her ear, “Spirit of fear, I recognize you and call you out by name. In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave Susan’s body. I send you to the dry places, never to return.” She stiffened, opened her eyes, and stared straight ahead. Susan was no longer conversing with me.

I repeated, “Spirit of fear, by the authority given to me by Jesus, I command you to leave this body, this Holy Spirit temple.” Then there was a loud, deep groan as she arched her back more. I told her to “let it out” and she did–all of the fear verbally and forcefully left her body. She then went limp as a noodle and her husband and I guided her to the floor.

She came into the room in love with Christ, but broken by the enemy. She left the room whole, filled with the peace of Christ and the Holy Spirit. She now knew that she was so important to God that He had sent a complete stranger over to her to release her from bondage. Jesus wins again!

Now for some of you reading this, you are thinking, “REALLY?? This sounds like something from a horror movie.” Throw in a little vomiting and a head spin and you would have a scene from some demonic flick.

You are asking the question, “How can a Christian be plagued by a spirit from the enemy?” Look around you. The enemy is the prince of this world. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy. We are all affected by him in one way or another. This Christian woman was not “possessed” because she already belonged to God. But she was under attack . . . heavily! These attacks can come in many forms–illness, depression, anxiety, fear, addiction, despair, etc.

This is not the first time I have seen this. Nor will it be the last. Healing–physical, spiritual, and emotional is meant to be ours. Jesus already paid for it. Yet so many of us sit around begging God to DO SOMETHING.

He already has! He created you. He created me. WE are meant to bring Heaven to earth. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit want to be in relationship with you. They want to be REAL in your life. They want YOU to use the power and authority you have been given.

I used to only share this information with my closest charismatic friends. I feared that the rest of you would think I was a weird “Jesus freak”. I no longer fear this because I now know I am a Jesus Freak. I am proud of it. In fact, the t-shirt is on the way . . . “Jesus Freak. I’m willing to pray for YOU!”